The Science Behind Vigorelle

Masters and JohnsonMasters and Johnson, the well-known and pioneering researchers into Human Sexuality, identified four stages of physiological responses during sexual stimulation, for both men and women. They classified these four stages as:

  1. Excitement Phase
  2. Plateau Phase
  3. Orgasmic Phase
  4. Resolution Phase

Masters and Johnson, through their research, established that while this sexual response cycle is virtually automatic for most males, it is often not so for many females. They found that there are many women who are unable to proceed from the Excitement Phase through to the Orgasmic Phase. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that up to 40% of all American women experience this difficulty.

Studies have shown that response to sexual stimulation is increased when blood flow to the genital organs is increased. For women, these organs are the clitoris and vagina. In most instances of female sexual dysfunction, it is possible to help the progress of sexual response through the Excitement and Plateau Phases by enhanced blood supply to the clitoris and vagina, especially if combined with vibrator stimulation. Once the woman passes through the Plateau Phase, the Orgasmic and Resolution Phases usually follow automatically.

The increase in blood flow to the genital organs during sexual stimulation can be achieved by dilation of the corresponding blood vessels.

Research has established that the amino acid, L-arginine, creates nitric oxide in the body. This, in turn, dilates the blood vessels, thereby enhancing blood flow. Therefore, if L-arginine is supplied to the clitoris-vagina tissues externally, genital blood supply is significantly increased. Thereby, sexual sensitivity and response are significantly enhanced.

It is this effect that enables Vigorelle Cream, that is based on L-arginine, to enhance female sexual sensitivity. This enhanced sensitivity helps women progress through the four stages of the response cycle, to experience the powerful pleasures of orgasm and resolution.

Being based on natural ingredients, Vigorelle will enhance your sexual response to take you to extreme orgasms and sexual satisfaction, without any adverse side-effects.

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