The Vigorelle Solution For Female Sexual Problems

If, as a woman, you are troubled by diminished libido, inadequate response to sexual stimulation, vaginal dryness and inability to orgasm, there are several steps you can take to overcome the problems and restore sexual vitality. As a fist step, you must ensure that you are in good general health, physically fit and active, and that you are getting adequate nutrition and rest. Good health, high energy levels and vitality are important prerequisites for good sexual health and a satisfying sex life.

The good news is that research efforts into female sexual dysfunction has resulted in the development of natural products that help eliminate problems of inadequate female sexual arousal and response, and thereby improve the quality of a woman’s sex life.

To restore sexual vitality and eliminate female sexual health problems, we need to to address several physiological factors that influence sex drive and sexual arousal. These factors include general energy levels, balance of hormones, blood flow and circulation, functioning of vascular and nervous systems. If these issues are not addressed and deficiencies rectified, both physiological and psychological impairments can arise that interfere with the normal female sexual response cycle. These, in turn, can lead to diminished libido and response to sexual stimulation, a decline in genital sensitivity and vaginal lubrication, and inability to reach orgasm.

Vigorelle clitoris creamResearch into female sexual dysfunction has established that there are several herbal extracts, amino acids and vitamins that can contribute in different ways towards helping women regain their sexual responsiveness and eliminate female sexual health problems. Some of these substances work best when applied topically to the clitoris-vagina area, to stimulate blood flow to the genitals. Female sexual stimulants in the form of topical clitoris creams, such as Vigorelle, have been found to be highly effective as stimulants to enhance sexual response and orgasm. Other female sexual health ingredients are taken orally as dietary supplements, to help revitalize the sexual organs and the appropriate metabolic pathways. While some of these ingredients can be taken individually, they are usually more effective when combined together. Provestra is an excellent example of a safe and effective female sexual health supplement formulated from several proven ingredients.

It is important to understand that enhancing and improving female sexual health is not simply a matter of taking a bunch of these ingredients and ingesting or applying them. Not only would this be ineffective but it could well be dangerous. Even with all-natural ingredients, the same precautions apply as with all other medicinal substances. A substance that is safe and effective at the appropriate dosage may be toxic at higher doses. It took research scientists several years to determine the correct proportions of herbal ingredients to combine in Vigorelle and Provestra, to maximize efficacy for female sexual enhancement while maintaining levels of absolute safety.

For all women, regular healthy and fulfilling sexual activity is extremely important for their overall well- being. Sex is an important natural function, which helps maintain good health and youthful vitality both physically and mentally. The mental component has a huge impact on the physical body. A sexually fulfilled woman is unlikely to suffer from severe depression and, therefore, is able to avoid the use of antidepressant drugs, which can create further mental and physical problems as side effects. A woman who is sexually satisfied in her married life is far less likely to have marital problems than those whose sexual relationships are unsatisfactory. Sexual harmony and fulfillment result in happy and cheerful families, at peace with themselves.

It is important for both men and women to have regular and frequent sexual activity, culminating in orgasms. For both females and males, our bodies are designed to have regular sexual intercourse leading to orgasms. In the absence of a partner, sexual release through masturbation is a suitable alternative. If sexual activity is very rare, vaginal walls may begin to atrophy causing itching, burning or pain. These symptoms often require prescription medication or, in worst cases, even surgical intervention. It is, therefore, important for all adult women to maintain good female sexual health and regular, satisfying sexual activity.